SmartIdea: Transforming and redefining internet consultancy!

Singapore-based SmartIdea is an internet consultancy firm, which offers everything that clients require for managing their website, web applications and live products. Incorporated in 1999, SmartIdea has considerable experience in working with small and large brands. The company strives to offer customized services for clients, regardless of the location. With clients in Europe, Australia and US, they have managed to synchronize and balance work consistently through their representative offices, which also includes one in Philippines.

SmartIdea offers a gamut of mixed services including website evaluation, website planning, internet marketing roadmaps, software development and integration, and tech support. The development team is experienced with UML modeling tools and software development processes, while the operations team is always a step ahead in managing, monitoring and tracking software systems, live products and websites. With SmartIdea, reducing downtime of your web resources and projects gets easier, also because they have the best networking experts and liaise with technical support teams, as and when required. Unlike other web consulting firms, their services are tailored, so there are no fixed packages – you only pay for the services that you really require. Currently, they are expanding to other regions, with the intention of working with clients globally.